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Dolphin Shipping & Offshore Marine Services was established in 1991 & provide shipping & Offshore Marine services in Persian Gulf , the Managers & staff of Dolphin have been retired high ranking  Naval Officers, Graduated in European universities.
Dolphin shipping established in Tehran and having offices in all southern parts of Persian Gulf (Iran ) with some ware housing facilities.
While the company’s main core of business is directly linked to the world of shipping, it has diversified his activities into sectors of:

  • Offshore Marine Services / Operation
  • Tramp ship & Linear Agency Services (Wet & Dry Vessels)
  • Ship Sale & Purchase (Second-hand & Scrap Vessels)
  • Brokering & Chartering & Helicopter Service
  • Marine Insurance (P&I, Hull & Machinery)
  • Diving & Salvage Operation
  • Ship Trading & Project Cargo Handling
  • Passenger Vessel & Routing Hotel Management
  • Ship's Full Management

Our staff & managers are highly qualified, experienced & highly motivated, and will recruit professionals when needed.
We use the latest technology by our alliances to perform a broad range of services.
Forming up with our alliances, we can create in organization with depth and regional knowledge & experience.
We will be constantly seeking new ways and expand our portfolio of services. Offshore activity in Persian Gulf started in 1979 by Iranians, later on two other  government companies joined the first company. Dolphin Shipping decided to join offshore companies but as a civilian company & assistance to Government Offshore companies or to get EPC contracts from  Oil /  Gas Companies .
After 7 months of study and negotiation with many expert Offshore Companies, we formed a Cooperation with expertise.

  • For the Engineering side our alliance is a British co. called Belmorepms  and  their website is http://www.belmorepms.com

  • For Fabrication /Installation our alliance is an Iranian Co. called Pars Faragam and their website is:http: //www.parsfaragam.com

  • For Diving operation our alliance is an Iranian  Diving Company called Rahgoshayan- E- Darya and their website is http://www.rgdco.biz.

  • For  NDT-DT & X-ray our alliance is an Iranian co called Nima Azmon Steel Test and their website is http://www.ndtynst.com

  • For survey /position, we work with Horizon Survey on case by case basis and their website is http://www.horizonsurvey.ae/ 

  • For painting we work with Giti Assa on case by basis.

  • For project insurance & claims we work with Iranian co. called  Pand-e- Qeshm.

  • For offshore operation, installation, smooth operation & project crew, and marine crew recruitment , catering, Ships supply Etc, Dolphin Shipping will manage.

You are kindly requested to visit our website, http://www.dolphinshipping.net and then you can find our various activities (scope of work in each division).
We are proud of being the first Iranian civil shipping & offshore company and looking forward to get some Offshore projects or be a subcontractor for an offshore company.
Dolphin Shipping & Offshore Marine Services will constantly strive to provide our clients with  a professional and innovative services we will work with our clients to make sure we understand their needs and to be certain we achieve their objectives the staff of dolphin & its alliances will put emphasis on the efficient performance of our projects. Always looking for ways to improve the quality of our deliverables.

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